Gates and Railings

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All gates and railings are bespoke, and hand made to order.

We manufacture in-house from top quality materials to ensure the longevity of our product.

Traditionally made, we work with you from start to finish, ensuring that your requirements are met. 

Why choose us?

  • Budget friendly to top of the range, luxurious gate options.

  • All our products are made from top quality materials.

  • We manufacture in house, from start to finish.

  • We also offer "Smart Gates”

Smart Gate features

  • Remote opening and closing from anywhere in the world via a smartphone

  • CCTV that can be viewed anywhere via your smartphone

  • Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice control.

Recent Project - complete wall

We recently took on our biggest project so far. The client had an old wall they wanted completely updating and here are the results.

Firstly we demolished the whole wall and rebuilt it , over 40 meters of wall in total (we used an Epworth builder on this section)

 Steel railings were then added to complete the look.

As you can see it completely transformed it